покрытие, покрывающий слой; обшивка, облицовка

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  • coat|ing — «KOH tihng», noun. 1. a layer of any substance spread over a surface: »a coating of paint. 2. cloth for making coats …   Useful english dictionary

  • coat·ing — /ˈkoʊtıŋ/ noun, pl ings [count] : a thin layer or covering of something The fabric has a coating that prevents liquids from soaking through. A light coating of snow had fallen. There was a coating of ice on the pond …   Useful english dictionary

  • o|ver|coat|ing — «OH vuhr KOH tihng», noun. the stuff or material from which overcoats are made …   Useful english dictionary

  • sug|ar-coat|ing — «SHUG uhr KOH tihng», noun. 1. a covering with sugar. 2. Figurative. a thing that makes something seem more pleasant or agreeable …   Useful english dictionary

  • un|der|coat|ing — «UHN duhr KOH tihng», noun. 1. = undercoat. (Cf. ↑undercoat) 2. the process of applying an undercoat …   Useful english dictionary

  • waist|coat|ing — «WAYST KOH tihng, WEHS kuh », noun. a material for making waistcoats …   Useful english dictionary

  • Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia — Details Armiger Republic of Macedonia …   Wikipedia

  • coat-trail|ing — «KOHT TRAY lihng», noun, adjective. British. –n. provocative conduct; provocation: »The singling out of the Prime Minister [for a vote of censure] is calculated coat trailing (London Times). –adj. provoking; provocative: »There is some… …   Useful english dictionary

  • -ing — I. noun suffix Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ung, ing, suffix forming nouns from verbs; akin to Old High German ung, suffix forming nouns from verbs 1. action or process < running > < sleeping > ; instance of an action or process …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Ing. Alberto Acuña Ongay International Airport — Campeche (ville)  Pour l’article homonyme, voir Campeche.  San Francisco de Campeche …   Wikipédia en Français

  • candy-coat — can·dy coat (kănʹdē kōt ) tr.v. can·dy ·coat·ed, can·dy ·coat·ing, can·dy ·coats To minimize the unpleasantness of; sugarcoat: “Trust is damaged when doctors seem overoptimistic, or candy coat the truth” (Wall Street Journal). * * * …   Universalium

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